Six things you didnt know about Dej loaf.

We all began to hear more of Dej loaf in the global music scene after hearing her hit song “Try Me” which shows her around a hood rapping.

Things you didn’t know about Dej loaf.

1. Her age: most people get confused about Dej’s age and endup saying 18 or 19. Dej’s real age is 24.

2. Besides her hit single “Try Me” dej loaf has other notable singles such as: “On My Own”, “Me U & Hennessy” no doubt she’s always been on the grinde.

3. Incase you didn’t also know Dej also took the chorus of “Detroit Vs Everybody” which is was a song by multi-platinum american rapper “Eminem” where he features other detroit rappers like “Big sean”, “danny brown” and “Royce Da 5’9”.

4. Dej loaf is also part of an independent label called IBGM(I’ll Be Getting Money) and is also signed to columbia records.

5. Dej loaf is influenced by Missy Elliot, Jay Z and is a big fan of Kanye West..

6. On XXL mag dej says she was “thicker” in her freshman year and was a shy girl.

Those are the six things you didn’t know about our favorite rapper Dej Loaf.


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