Justin Bieber Makes History With 17 Songs In The Hot 100 Simultaneously.

According to th Fader, Old listening records have been going down left and right this year.
Take Adele: the singer is on pace
to break the first week album sales record held by NSYNC, and she already set new standards for digital downloads and YouTube views in 48 hours with “Hello.” She’s not alone: Justin Bieber has been setting his own high water marks simultaneously. Not long after breaking Spotify’s first week streaming record (set recently by The Weeknd), Billboard reports that Bieber launched 17 songs onto
the latest Hot 100 chart. This beats
the previous record of 14
simultaneous Hot 100 hits, held by
the Beatles and Drake. Even more impressively, three of
Bieber’s 17 songs are in the top
five: “Sorry” (No. 2), “Love
Yourself” (No. 4), and “What Do
You Mean” (No. 5). Only 50 Cent
and the Beatles have pumped as many singles into the top five. Find out how Bieber grew into
himself, according to his collaborator Poo Bear.


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