Rapper chip formally known as chipmunk releases “Believe & Achieve EPisode 2”.

Earlier this year, U.K. MC Chip was at the eye of a storm in the grime scene. Scores of MCs got pulled into the debate about the
origins of the genre, and who’s got
the right to claim it, reigniting old feuds along the way. In the furore, Chip faced accusations that his past in mainstream pop in the U.K. means he can’t lay claim to grime
(an accusation he responded to movingly and passionately on
Radar Radio last week). But musically, he’s been rising
above all that chaos. His Believe & Achieve EP, released in May, was met with acclaim; he’s put out a
steady stream of songs and videos
at an almost weekly rate ever
since, and is already gearing up to
release the follow-up Believe & Achieve EPisode 2. The EP is wall-to-wall with lyrical
fire, and is a showcase of Chip’s
versatility, from the
unquestionable party anthem that’s
the Wiley and Frisco-featuring
“My Bruddaz,” to the finger- snapping slow jam “Connected.”
After all, as he puts it: Chip can’t run out of bars. If you’re not a believer yet, hit play below—
where the EP is streaming in full to
celebrate Chip’s 25th birthday
today—and scroll on for The
FADER’s chat with the man
himself. What’s the mission statement
behind Believe & Achieve EPisode 2? CHIP: The mission statement is pretty self explanatory, just gotta
believe and achieve. Keep going,
even when the odds are against
you. New tracks like “Bookey” sound
like you’re in a comfortable and
happy place with the music
you’re making today. Is that the
mindset you went into this EP
with? I’m glad that you think that track
shows where my mind is at. As
hard hitting as it is, I wouldn’t say
there is any one track that could
represent my whole mindset, but
this record definitely feels true to the energies and what’s going on in
my life since growing into a young
man. It feels like as I’m getting
older you get more aware of your
surroundings. On “96 Bars of Revenge” you criticized the MOBOs for nominating longstanding artists
as “newcomers.” How can the
U.K. media and music industry
improve in their representation
of grime and British rap? In regards to that lyric I didn’t
criticize [the MOBOs] I just said
what a lot of people were thinking.
I think it will help the world if we
don’t shun from the truth…I just
feel like in a few years’ time, more people are going to understand
what I’ve been trying to say. You’ve been so prolific this year.
If you can choose, which tracks
and videos were most meaningful
to you to make? This year I honestly have to say
every single song that I have put a
visual to has paid a valid part in
the messages I’ve wanted people to
take from me this year. The pace
some of these songs have been coming out, I honestly haven’t been
able to digest them all to be able to
pick my fave…but I do really love “Coward” right now. It’s your 25th birthday today—
compared to most 25 year olds,
you’ve been through so much as
an artist and a public persona
already. What are the most
important lessons you’ve learned? – You need a lot less than you
– The most important thing to have
around you is real love.
– The moments you think are
defining, years can go go by and then you look back and feel
different; so just fill your heart
with love, take time and take each
day as it comes. The main lesson
is.. you need real love around you!


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