Adele’s 25 made music sales history.

According to Billboard;
“Adele’s 25 made music sales history, earned a milestone debut on the Billboard 200 chart, and instantly became the year’s top selling album in the U.S. in just one week. And that’s just three statistics behind 25’s huge arrival. Here are some more fun facts
and figures associated with 25’s big bow: 3.38 Million Sold: Total number of copies 25 sold in the U.S. in its debut week (ending Nov. 26) according to Nielsen Music. That’s
the largest sales week for an album since
Nielsen began tracking point-of-sale music
purchases in 1991. (It beats the previous record, held by *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached, when it debuted with 2.42 million sold in the week ending March 26, 2000.) 25 is also the only album to sell more than 3
million copies in a week. Adele’s ’25’ Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart, ’21’ Returns to Top 10 41 Percent of All Albums Sold Last Week
Were 25: In total for the week, there were 8.2 million albums sold in the U.S. Thus, 25’s 3.38 million represented 41 percent of all
albums sold in America. Weekly U.S. album
sales between late August and mid-
November fluctuated between 3.5 million
and 4.2 million per week. The lowest week in
Nielsen history for album sales was the frame ending Sept. 17, when only 3.51
million albums were sold. 335 Copies Sold Per Minute: With 10,080 minutes in a week, 25 sold about 335 copies per minute in the U.S. during its first week
on sale. 25 Sold More than Twice the Combined Total of the Nos. 2-100 Titles on Top
Album Sales Chart: 25 debuts at No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart, and its
enormous sales are more than double the
rest of the chart combined. Nos. 2 (Justin
Bieber’s Purpose, with 184,000) through 100 (the Descendants soundtrack, with 5,000) sold 1.48 million for the week. Adele’s ’25’ Official First Week U.S. Sales: 3.38 Million 25 Is the Only Album To Sell at Least 2 Million Copies in All of 2015: 25 is just the fourth album to sell a million copies in 2015,
and it immediately becomes the year’s top
seller, surpassing the 1.78 million sold in
2015 by Taylor Swift’s 1989. To put 25’s staggering figure in further perspective, in
2014, only two albums sold more in the
entire year than 25 did in a single week: Taylor Swift’s 1989 (3.66 million) and the Frozen soundtrack (3.53 million). 1.71 Million CDs: Of its total 3.38 million sold, 25 moved 1.71 million copies on
compact disc. To put that figure in
perspective, 25 comprised 38 percent of all albums sold on CD in the week ending Nov.
26 (4.54 million). 1.64 Million Digital Albums: 25 opens with 1.64 million digital copies sold, a new
single-week download sales record for an
album. It beats the previous record-holder
by nearly a million copies: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, when it arrived with 662,000 digital copies sold in the week ending May
29, 2011. 49 Percent of All Digital Albums Sold
Last Week Were 25: In total for the week, there were 3.43 million digital albums sold. 25’s 1.64 million downloads equate to 49 percent of all digital albums for the week. 22,000 Vinyl Albums Sold: 25 sold 22,000 copies on vinyl LP — the third-largest sales
week in Nielsen history for an album on
vinyl. Only the debut weeks of Jack White’s Lazaretto (40,000) and Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy (34,000) were larger.”


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