Tifa talks music and hanficap gyal.

Tifa is taking the world by storm; here’s what she had to say when The Fader magazine interviwed her.

In Jamaica, Tifa’s popularity
reaches beyond music. As a
spokesperson for brands like
cellphone network provider
Digicel, her face is seen on
billboards and posters across the island. For many girls and young
women, she’s a role model—in no
small part due to her confident
embrace of her body in spite of her
struggles with Blount’s Disease, a
bone condition that caused disproportionate growth in her feet
as a child. (Though corrective
surgeries as a kid improved her
mobility, they left her with
permanent scars, and a distinctive
gait.) Tifa’s physical singularity is out
front on Stay Away, a mixtape with Jamaican radio jock ZJ Chrome
released last month. Freestyling
over Jidenna’s “Classic Man,” she proudly dubs herself a handicap gyal, and, in a bit of creative hubris inspired by her post-op leg
flexibility, boasts of having a
double-jointed vagina, reframing
her disability as something of a
superpower. Elsewhere, she vents
at jealous rivals and talks masturbation and oral sex, topics
that have long been taboo in
dancehall—a genre which, for all
of its upfront celebration of
sexuality, also harbors a noted conservative streak. The mix also features the punchy single
“Ratings,” for which she’s just
dropped a suitably animated video
(watch it below). Here, Tifa
speaks on holding back and letting
loose, growing up “different,” and what exactly she meant with that
double-jointed vagina line. Your Stay Away mixtape has gotten a lot of attention. It even
made the cover of the Jamaica
Star newspaper. What were you
trying to accomplish with it? TIFA: I’ve been sitting on an album for two years, but I said,
Nah, let me do something fun, for
Christmas. Everybody does
albums. Let me do a mixtape first,
then an EP, then the album. I went into the studio and started
freestyling on tracks, and
somebody pissed me the hell off. I
had posted something on my
Instagram, and they screen
captured it, and sent it to one of the corporate companies that I have an
endorsement with. I was just like,
“Why?” It’s hard enough being in
the business and proving yourself,
because they see you [as someone]
with a disability even though you think just walk cute. Why would
you go to that length to try and
sabotage me? Mind you, nothing
came out of it. But I’m not going
on any other artists’ or
entertainment personalities’ pages and taking screen shots to send to
people. That’s kind of low. I saw
red that day. So many feelings
came up from over the past four
years. I think anybody that pissed
me off, I just let it all out. Before, for either personal reasons or
affiliations with certain corporate
companies, I didn’t really speak on
certain things. I think it was just
time for everybody to hear my

gor more info check out the rest here: http://www.thefader.com/2015/11/18/tifa-interview-stay-away-mixtape


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