Introducing KemzArt.

KemzArt is a gift of capturing a “Spirit-in-Motion” as a means of breathing existence, life and creativity
into #Photography, #Videography, #Cinematography (to mention just a few).

“KemzArt once told me that as my music is the poetry
sound, so is his “creations” the poetry of sight . . . But
I’ve come to know that KemzArt its not just about
what you see, but what others saw when they

▄ Because, There are those who just transform the sun
to a yellow spot, but there is KemzArt; who
transforms a yellow spot into Sunshine..!!!

▄ Because he believes that cogent creativity is to Paint
Flying-Spirit of the Bird rather than its feathers…!!!

::: To-CoNNecT-NoW :::
( >»»»> Twitter ::: @kemzArt )
(>»»>InStaGram ::: @kemzart )
(»»WhatsApp: +2348161746145 )


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