Introducing King AnJelo.

King AnjeloKing-Richman Chukwunonso (born May 5, 1993), better known as King AnJelo (Formally Angelo X), is a Russian-born Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter. he was
discovered by recording artist Sparkz TlmB who later on collaborated on a song titled “Tonight”.
King AnJelo started singing between the ages 4 and 5; not in any choir but on his own.

King AnJelo grew up listening to “Freddie Mercury”, “Rod steward”, “Lauryn hills”, “Micheal Jackson”, “Guns & roses” and “Abba” to mention a few; King AnJelo is also inspired by the likes of “Jason derullo”, “Trey Songz”, “B.o.B”, “Dev”, “David guetta” and “Винтаж” to mention a few.

King AnJelo has managed to get his fair share of airplay both in local radio stations and a few online platforms; his most known song is titled “Tonight(Party where i want) ft sparkz” which can be found here:

Lately King AnJelo has been emphasising on his yet to be released single titled “No Letting go” which he say is going to be a Techno track full of motivation.


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