Jadakiss Reacts To Being On Eminem & Pusha T’s Top Rappers List.

With a newly-released album titled Top 5 Dead Or Alive, Yonkers, New York rapper Jadakiss was asked what he thought about Billboard magazine’s Top Rappers list, during
an interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez. The LOX lyricist first shared his belief that
Billboard was inspired to create the list
thanks to his campaign for Top 5 Dead Or Alive. He later revealed that unlike some artists, he doesn’t take top rappers lists too
seriously. Jadakiss later named Eminem and Pusha T as two artists whose top rappers lists he was
somewhat surprised to be on. “I think they made that list cause my
campaign was so strong,” Jadakiss said. “So,
shout out to them. I think I influenced that
list. And they just wanted to get—I would
have been able to sue ‘em if they would have
made it five, so they a little smart over there in their legal department. They made it 10,
but I never get in an uproar over them lists.
Some artists do and they go on social media
ranting. They feel some kind of way, but I
never really—I don’t know who’s making the
lists. I don’t know what their criteria is… Besides that, whoever is on that list, I’m on
their list.” Although Top 5 Dead Or Alive was released almost two weeks ago, Jada revealed that
fans can possibly expect the next project
from him by May 2016. “I’ll never have one of them gaps, you know,
them four, five year gaps between albums,”
he said. “I’m actually going to come back in
six, seven months. I’m trying to come back
on my birthday, May 27, 2016, with another
album. It’s all about more product, more content, more music. They created that with
this whole digital takeover, so I guess I gotta
cater to the people. But right now, it’s Top Five. You need this in your life.”


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