Oprah Winfrey To Release Her Memoir Titled ‘The Life You Want’ In 2017.

This book is already sold out and the author hasn’t penned a word.

Kidding, but one can only imagine how many seconds it will take for Oprah Winfrey’s memoir to skyrocket to the top of the bestseller’s list.

It’s being reported by The Hollywood Reporter the media mogul signed a deal to pen an inspirational memoir set for a January
2017 release. Titled The Life You Want, Ms. Winfrey inked a deal with Flatiron Books, an
imprint of Macmillan. The 61-year-old is
said to be in the very beginning stages of her
book, but it will feature never-before told
stories “even the painful ones.”

In a statement, Winfrey said she hopes her
memoir “will inspire other people to live the
highest, fullest expression of themselves” As
part of the deal, Winfrey is also starting her
own publishing imprint at Macmillan, which
will focus on non-fiction stories.

The actual dollar amount of Winfrey’s
advance hasn’t been made public, but a memoir from Oprah Winfrey probably
earned her a pretty hefty advance.


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