Wale Says Kendrick Lamar Won’t Pick Up His Phone.

Wale spent the morning tweeting about the

Wale has never been one to take a lack of
recognition well. With his infamous phonecall
to Complex being the prime example, the MMG
rapper has always been vocal when he feels
he’s been overlooked. The Grammy nominations were announced
today, and once again, Wale’s name was not
among those honored. Rather than calling up
the decision makers, Folarin has instead taken
to Twitter to muse on being unappreciated,
responding to fans and haters alike with sarcastic comments about how he doesn’t
deserve an award. “Wale sucks . And isn’t associated with the
niggas who run music,” the rapper told a user
who asked why he hadn’t been
nominated.”‘New black soul’ unless ur Wale
then it’s too many instruments and hard to
understand,” he wrote, possibly referring to Kendrick Lamar’s new album, which earned
multiple nominations. When asked about K-Dot, Wale revealed that
he’d been trying to contact Lamar to no avail.
“Ain’t answered that phone since the last
nomination . I get the Demi lavato treatment
from him now. It’s hard out here,” he shared,
referencing his recent attempts to get on a track with Demi, which have also been greeted with silence.


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