Drake and Craig David Might Make a Joint Mixtape.

Everyone wants a cut of Drake. The Toronto-bred rapper dominated 2015 by
nearly any metric, despite calling his surprise project a mixtape rather than an album, and despite the authorship controversy that marred the success of his biggest single. The year’s alternate MVP,
the Atlanta Autotune savant Future, did a
joint mixtape with him and Adele, the British
singer whose 25 just shattered the mark for first-week album sales, has been outspoken
in her desire to work with him. But
according to Craig David, everyone else is
going to have to get in line. The British
singer recently gave an interview to the
BBC’s 1Xtra in which he said that a collaborative mixtape could be on the way.

“When I saw Drake in this restaurant, we
walked up to each other and there was this
moment,” David recalls. “I was like, ‘Oh man
[“Hotline Bling”] is all I’m listening to.’ And
he was like, ‘Man I need to call my
producer, if I can tell him right now that I’m with you, ‘Born To Do It’! The tunes you
have.’ And this was kicking off.” Though it
doesn’t sound like the pair has hit the
studio yet, David got the distinct
impression that something could be on the
way. When asked if the two would work, he said, “When the time is right, when it’s really
right, and there’s the Craig David/Drake
mixtape, I promise you, not on a ‘get gas,
beg a man to be on his record’ kind of
thing, because he’s the hottest thing right
now. But he’d easily be like, ‘Yeah man I want to do that.’”


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