Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Baby Son Now Has a Name (UPDATE).

According to Kim Kardashian herself, the baby boy’s name is Saint West.

Kim revealed the name via a post on her recently launched lifestyle website, though
no confirmation (or denial) on the
previously reported middle name of
“Robert,” honoring her late father.

Two short but stacked days ago, Kim Kardashian gave birth to her and Kanye West’s son after a well-documented pregnancy that included a series of
complications. Those complications
apparently resulted in an early delivery for the royal couple’s second child, who was originally expected to arrive a bit closer to Mr. Christ’s big day. As we’re now 48 hours or so into the life of young Baby Yeezus, the world continues to ask: What’s his name? “There’s no name,” an unnamed “family
source” told E! News over the weekend. Another source, speaking to Us Weekly, confirms the “no name” status of Baby
Yeezus while presenting a touching (if
true) theory on a possible middle name. “I
know they were doing Robert for the
middle name in honor of her father,” the
insider revealed, referring of course to the late Robert Kardashian. Of course, none of this has been confirmed
by the fam themselves. However, the
tribute would be a touching way to honor
Kim’s father, who sadly died of cancer in
2003 at the age of 59. As a high-profile
attorney, Robert garnered national attention when he served as a defense attorney in the
1995 murder trial of his friend O.J. Simpson.


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