Moon Geun Young Addresses “Gift Controversy”; Explains Why She Uses Social Media.

On December 7, Moon Geun Young said in
an interview, “I think that my Instagram is a
place for me to communicate with my fans.” She had been swept up in controversy
earlier when she had written on her
Instagram, “If you’re going to send gifts, do
it well, properly.” At the time, Moon Geun
Young’s fans had interpreted it to be a sign
of their closeness, whereas people who didn’t know the relationship that Moon
Geun Young has with her fans criticized her
for being rude to her fans. About that, Moon Geun Young relayed, “I
had a philosophy before that I would never
accept gifts from fans. However, my fans
said that they wanted to send me gifts
regardless. So that was a post to say, ‘Then
do as you like.’” She clarified, “I stay close with my fans, so I expressed that
comfortably, but people who don’t know
the whole story thought that I was forcing
my fans to give me gifts.” She also revealed the mature side of herself
as she said, “I wondered what my social
media was for. I used to think social media
was a space to write my thought and my
thought status, but I realized that since
there are people reading those things, the posts could be twisted and the wrong
message could be received.” One time, such a wrong message was sent
that I thought, ‘I’m writing for the people
who are reading this,” she said. “I thought
that was the wrong thought to have, so I
was going to stop using it, but since I
wasn’t working for a period of time, I didn’t have a place to communicate to my fans in.
I started Instagram because I heard it was
a place for just pictures. I don’t care if I get
swept up in controversy. I want to talk to
my fans honestly.” Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young returned to
the small screens with the drama, “The Village – Achiara’s Secret.”


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