Zico Thinks There’s No Point in Comparing Him to G-Dragon.

Zico finds it hard to understand why anyone would say that he is trying to
imitate the success of G-Dragon.

On December 7, the Block B leader held an album release event for his first solo mini album “Gallery” which dropped earlier today at midnight. Both being talented producers and rappers
with a strong preference for hip-hop,
Zico has been compared to G-Dragon ever
since his debut days. Some critics have
gone as far as to argue that Zico is being
overly influenced by G-Dragon, and trying to follow the same road to the top. Regarding such claims, Zico said during the
album release event, “There’s absolutely no
overlap in the music genres of me and G-
Dragon. I don’t think it makes sense to say
that I’ve copied him.” “Of course, G-Dragon is a senior artist who
ranks above me, and I’m incredibly grateful
for being compared to him. However, we
are on totally different paths.” “I think people [claiming I’m copying
him] are not fans of G-Dragon, but rather
individuals who disapprove of my actions.
But their behavior doesn’t affect me at
all. I couldn’t care less,” Zico shared his
thoughts on his critics and haters. Meanwhile, Zico’s latest title track
“Eureka” has topped the charts since its
release, proving once again the wide appeal
of his work.


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