The Worst Freestyle Fails of 2015.

Freestyling is widely considered the purest form of art in hip-hop and a true measure of just how good an artist is at actually rapping on the spot. And while it’s probably not as common for mainstream rappers to do as it once was, there are still moments where some of the top MCs in the game
decide to go off the dome. In 2015, we’ve
seen crazy freestyles from Meek Mill, Eminem, Action Bronson, Logic, and many more, proving that freestyling might
happen less often but it will always be an
integral part of hip-hop. While there were high points in the
freestyle game this year, there were also
some fails that just can’t be ignored.
Whether it was Troy Ave trying to redeem
his infamous “Phone Freestyle” and failing
or the Game recycling bars…for years…the last 12 months saw it all and not in a good
way. With 2015 wrapping up, we decided
to round up some of the worst freestyles of
the year. Prepare to be less than amazed.

Troy Ave Doesn’t Use
a Phone, Still Spits a
Bad Freestyle: Date: June 26, 2015. The last time Troy Ave was on Sway in the Morning, home boy tried to pull a slick one by “freestyling” from his phone that he attempted to hide behind a bottle of water.
C’mon, man, the whole point of freestyling
is to be off the cuff—and not to use your
phone! But phone or no phone, Troy Ave
still didn’t really come correct on this
“Redemption” freestyle.

Young Thug
Stumbles Through a
Freestyle in Paris: Date: Nov. 10, 2015. Young Thug is one of the most popular rappers in 2015. Hell, even Sir Elton John is a fan of Thugga. Still, his freestyle earlier this year live on Paris TV was
interesting to say the least. Thug, who is
noted for his ability to come up with songs
from scratch, doesn’t usually freestyle, but
fans probably expected more than this. At
least Thug gave fans plenty of fire throughout the year to make up for it.

The Game Has Been
Recycling Bars for
Years: Date: March 11, 2015. How many times can the Game recycle his
lyrics from “InfraRED”? Apparently
enough for his diehard fans to notice and
call him out in YouTube comments. This
guy is not playing, and he seems to be in
love with his “red rose white ceiling.” Like, really in love. It may be good to reuse and
recycle for the planet, but when it comes to
freestyles—you gotta find a brand new

Young Money Fails
to Deliver: Date: March 16, 2015. This is what the next generation of Young
Money has come to: 13 minutes and 31
seconds of sadness. With the exception of
Cory Gunz​, who manages to fire up, but Lil
Wayne’s freestyle is the most ludicrous of
them all. The Young Money General can barely keep his eyes open while he delivers
and continues to go after Birdman, with lines like “I sing ‘Dear Mama’ to my dear
mama and sing ‘Hit Em Up’ to my daddy
bitch ass.” Weezy even throws up the
middle finger during this verse, driving his
feelings home.


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