R. Kelly Walks Out of HuffPost Live Interview After Feeling Interrogated.

R. Kelly‘s album The Buffet is out now and the talented but controversial singer
joined Huffington Post Live for an interview that did not go well for the Chicago
native. HuffPost host Caroline Modarressy- Tehrani opened up the forum for fans to ask questions via Twitter and after being
tossed a few softballs, Kelly was prompted
by the host about the low sales of The Buffet. Soon enough, questions about Kelly’s history of alleged sexual relationships with
underage girls and the conflict fans feel
when trying to balance being a fan of his
music and the fact that he has been
accused of heinous acts started to pour in. Once put on the hot seat, the interview
unsurprisingly started to get testy. Around
the 11-minute mark, in an attempt to
deflect the questions, Kelly began rambling
about his success and cited all the fans that
continue to come to his concerts. He then accused Modarressy-Tehrani of trying to get a juicy answer out of him so she can
make headlines. The conversation turned bizarre as Kelly
began threatening to leave the set if
anymore “negative questions” were asked.
“What I’m gonna tell you is that I am going
to sit here and talk to you like the beautiful
woman you are and I’m going to talk to you with respect,” he said. “And I’m going to let
you know that any other negative things
that come out of your mouth, I’m gonna
get up and I’m gonna walk out and I’m
gonna go to McDonald’s, hopefully the
McRib is out. Then I’m gonna go to Chicago, play some basketball, go to the
studio and work on my next album.” The host then asked Kelly about his sultry
lyrics and relationship with sex to which he
responded, “I did not come here to get
interrogated. I didn’t come here for a
deposition….This sounds sort of like a
deposition…This is not about R. Kelly, this is not about music, this is not about someone
who works hard on his music who has an
album out. This is about trying to
interrogate me and this is about
disrespect.” Shortly thereafter, R. Kelly ended the
interview, told the host she was beautiful
and left the set. In November, R. Kelly was featured in New York Magazine and was asked point blank if he has sexual attraction to underage girls. “That’s a rumor that comes from the Earth,
like all rumors,” the singer responded. “No.
It’s not true. I love women, period. If I
wasn’t a celebrity, people wouldn’t be
saying these things about


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