MC Hammer Owes $800,000 in Back Taxes.

Well, it’s not 30 million. MC Hammer has been ordered to pay upwards of $800,000
in back taxes after a judge ruled against the
rapper in a year long battle to wipe the
debt clean, Bossip is reporting. Hammer argued that the figure should have been
nullified in accordance with his bankruptcy case in the late 90s, but the courts disagreed. According to the report, the IRS
is seeking $798,033.48 in back taxes
stemming from income earned in 1996 and
1997, after the bankruptcy claim was filed.

“To come back after the fact and assert
claims after millions of dollars have been
paid out by creditors from which these
claims have been paid in full, is the
misconduct the USA committed,” the
rapper said. Hammer was thought to have cleared his debts in 2007, but this IRS case reveals that there is still more owed.

Hammer had famously lost his $30 million
fortune in the late 90s, a act that has, in the
time since, overshadowed his dominant
musical run. Jay Z even used Hammer’s loss
as a punchline on “So Appalled” rapping, “And Hammer went broke so you know I’m
more focused/I lost 30 mil, so I spent
another 30/Cause unlike Hammer, thirty
million can’t hurt me.”

It seems financial woes continue to plague
Hammer, his past continuously catching up
with him. Hammer’s 1990 album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em was the first rap album to ever go diamond, selling 10
million copies in little over a year.


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