Focus on Nyemiah Supreme.

Nyemiah Supreme is a 22 year old female MC from
Southside Jamaica, Queens. Having started her
career as a backup dancer for the likes of Chris
Brown & Lil’ Mama, Nyemiah is no stranger to the
stage. Starting as a dancer at the age of 7 Nyemiah
fell in love with performing. Growing up with parents that had a love for hip-hop Nyemiah was influenced
from a young age by the likes of Salt ‘n Pepa, TLC,
Aaliyah, just to name a few. After she graduated
high school she landed a dance audition that put her
on a national tour with the likes of Chris Brown & Lil’
Mama. After a year and a half on the road Nyemiah returned home and started working for NY Rapper
Juelz Santana as a personal assistant. The job
involved her sitting in on many recording sessions
with some of the best artists in the game and
Nyemiah quickly came to see this is what she
wanted to do with her life. After leaving the job with Juelz she starting honing her craft as a MC and
started booking studio sessions where she began
experimenting and creating her music. In 2011 she
had a chance meeting after she bumped into Jim
Jones on Jamaica Avenue a famous shopping area in
her neighborhood. They had a quick catch up and when she mentioned to him that she was rapping, he
invited her to come to his studio so he could check
her out. From there he ended up putting her on his
single “Everybody Jones”, she appeared in the
single’s video as well, and was asked to perform at
Hot 97’s Summer Jam in front of 65,000 people. She felt right at home on that stage, a place where an
entertainer truly feels alive. Nyemiah Supreme has
since released her mixtape BAD that embodies
female empowerment with a comedic appeal and
has shot a set of videos from it as well. The cover
pays homage to the late Michael Jackson, the greatest performer of all time. This girl has no end
in sight and will be blazing trails all the while.


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