Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Her Surprising Reaction To His New ‘Sorry’ Remix.

Selena Gomez, 23, apparently isn’t a fan of Justin Bieber‘s, new Latin remix of “Sorry” featuring Jay Balvin. While Justin claimed “the Latino girls are going to go crazy” for it, Latina Selena didn’t think
very highly of the idea. While she didn’t call him out
directly, she let the words on an Instagram photo do
the dissing for her, and you’ll never believe what she
had to say!

Selena isn’t a big fan of your new Latin
remix of “Sorry” and she put him on blast via her
Instagram account. Almost immediately after Justin
announced the new version of his hit single Nov. 5, she gave it a big thumbs down. She posted a photo
to her Instagram with a little girl holding a coffee
mug with the words “Drink some coffee, put on some
gangster rap and handle it” underneath. She didn’t
caption the photo and let the message do the talking
for her!

After Justin debuted the new remix, he did a couple
of Instagram posts of him pretending to talk to Jay
about the song. In one of them, Jay calls up Justin
and in Spanish asks him to do the project, to which
Justin responds “Yeah, I wanna do this remix. The
Latino girls are going to go crazy!” Well Justin, your Latina ex-girlfriend didn’t think much of the raps that
Jay laid down in Spanish during the song.

Sel’s reaction was a little surprising, especially since
earlier she had “liked” a Biebs Instagram post on Nov. 5 featuring a timeline of she and her ex- boyfriend‘s relationship. The post consisted of six photos of the former couple through the years, and
in four of the pics, they are literally kissing! But then again, she might be a little upset at Justin for
revealing he hasn’t listened to her new album Revival, telling Billboard magazine that “I know I had a lot of play in that one. I don’t know what she’s
saying about me.”


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