Kim Kardashian Gives Kanye West $15K Can-Am Spyder Bike For Christmas.

Kim Kardashian didn’t need
any help from Santa to give Kanye
West the best holiday ever! Yeezy
showered his wife with over 100 gifts
but Kim may have won Christmas
after giving her hubby a brand new Can-Am Spyder bike that’s worth
$15,000! Click to see Yeezy’s new

Kim Kardashian, 35, as the new Santa Claus? She certainly gave the big guy a run for his
money after she gave Kanye West, 38, the man who has everything, an amazing Christmas present: a
brand new, incredibly expensive motorcycle!

“You know, we do silver cars, so I had it in matte
silver” Kim said about the bike. She talked about
Kanye’s new gift during a Sister Sunday holiday video
shared on Kourtney Kardashian ’s website,, on Dec. 27, reports the Daily Mail. Nice! Yeezy clearly loved his present. He reportedly jumped on to take his new whip for a test

Kanye shot by like a bullet! Thankfully, North West didn’t get up to those speeds when she decided to
take after her daddy. Kimye’s oldest child was
spotted riding a small fire-engine fire truck, another addition to the 2-year-old girl’s fleet of fashionable
cars. Nori’s new ride, while sweet, is likely not as expensive as Kanye’s bike, as the model reportedly
goes for at least $14,999! Hopefully, Kim got her hubby a matching helmet.
Safety first! Maybe one was in one of the 100-plus presents Kanye gave to his wife. In order to make sure Kim knew which gifts were for her, Yeezy
wrapped all the 150 gifts he gave her in black paper.
Yeezy isn’t known for being subtle, and he clearly
wanted Kim to know that each and every gift came from him.


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