Twitter Fingers? Vic O Denies Dissing Ycee After The Jagaban Rapper Confronts Him.

Vic O has turned into an internet sensation, as
Twitter users continue to inundate him with
tales of how he is the greatest which he
strongly believes.

The self acclaimed “king of rap” after releasing a
“diss track” dissing Meek Mill and Drake, has
turned into a dissing machine, firing slander at
proper musicians and fans alike. He recently
tweeted at Falz calling him a daddy’s boy, and
fired another 140-character diss to Ycee, the Jagaban master.

Well, Ycee caught Vic O at an event and asked
him why the hate, and Vic O denied ever
tweeting that. He said it is the work of an

As annoying as Vic O can be, we believe he is
telling the truth this time around. His twitter
handle is @VICOTVS, while the handle that
tweeted that is @VICOTVS_ which has since
been suspended by Twitter.


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