A Bobby Shmurda Line Was Pretty Close To Making It Into “The Revenant”

After rave reviews and three wins at the Golden Globes on Sunday, audiences and critics are hoping The Revenant will finally send Leonardo DiCaprio home with the Oscar that many believe is long overdue. During an interview, DiCaprio and his co-star Tom Hardy spilled the tea about a line from rapper Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” almost making the cut for the script. How Sway? According to the actors, the song reference would’ve been ideal for the scene where Hardy’s character John Fitzgerald almost caught a body when he tried to bury, DiCaprio who played, Hugh Glass alive. In the midst of the interview they reminisced on the making of the scene: DiCaprio: “Come to think of it, that burial sequence was… your little extra fun. I remember the extra dirt on his face.” Hardy: “I remember saying, shut your trap house as well, which never made the cut. The Bobby Shmurda line.” DiCaprio: “Shut your trap house.” Hardy: “Shut your trap house.” (For what it’s worth, that’s not really how the song goes…)


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