MY HEART TAKES NOTE by Chinwendu Duchess Ogboh.

My eyes caught this poem by Chinwendu Duchess Ogboh which you’ll read in a bit and i swear it undoubtedly the best ive seen soo far in the year of 2016. Poetry speaks things we want to express and also serves as a means of expression.
Here’s the poem:

I don’t care about the things you say.
I care about the things you don’t say.
Thats why when you talk to me, my soul gets a pen
and paper.
My ear doesnt listen. It never does. My heart does the listening and my soul
Well my soul takes notes!

here’s a what was added: Ps: i was about posting a pre composed poem when
this inspiration flew in. I have no control of my hand
these days. I’ll share the otiginally intended one
later xx(truly inspiring dont you think?)

For more awesome poems you can find her on IG @poetic_life_of_chinny.


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