7 Rappers Crowd Surfing at Shows.

As any rap fan will tell you, the key to an
exciting concert is energy whether it’s from
the crowd or the performer. Amid the
booming bass and hundreds of competing
voices, a rapper has to manage to connect
with every audience member in the room. While some rappers prefer to keep their
show grounded, others aren’t afraid to take
flight and catch some air time, jumping into
the crowd in hopes that their fanbase can
carry them through atop the sea of people. G-Eazy, Joey Bada$$ and Rae Sremmurd, to name a few, are constantly touring and
sharing their dope crowd surfing shots on
Instagram. G-Eazy’s ‘When It’s Dark Out Tour’ is
making its way over to the East Coast and
he’s been catching air in Salt Lake City,
Denver and Portland. Duo Rae Sremmurd
has been known to go about any means necessary to get their crowd hyped and that means stage diving when they see fit.


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