7 Things Really Bold People Do.

Perhaps it’s time to unleash the bold
leader in you. Try adding these seven
actions to your daily repertoire, and see
how much faster the magic of boldness
takes you toward success. 1. They own their flaws and
strengths. There is a difference between
boldness and carelessness. Bold leaders
have strong self-awareness. They know
when they should take bold action and
when they are out of their element. They minimize the risk for themselves and
others by constantly reassessing themselves and engaging others to accommodate for personal weakness. Want to be a bold leader? Be more self- aware. Engage others who can
complement your strengths and
compensate for your weaknesses. 2. They keep clear priorities. Someone
who constantly jumps into action without
a plan isn’t bold, just foolish. Bold people
know their objectives and prioritize them
clearly. They can afford to be bold
because they can recognize the right opportunity when it comes along. Want to be a bold leader? Know clearly what you need to accomplish and seek those
chances that will move the team forward.
Avoid unimportant activities that lead to
distraction. 3. They speak up. Bold people are not
necessarily loud or boisterous, but when
they have something to say, they say it. More important, they understand when
and how to say it. Being bold does not
equal being a bully or a loudmouth. Bold
leaders must be better at tact and
empathy, because the very nature of
their words will carry power and impact. Bold leaders also understand that silence
is often the greatest statement one can
make, and they use it judiciously. Want to be a bold leader? Say what needs to be said before the silence derails the team. 4. They pair action with knowledge. Even
though bold leaders are prone to action,
they are rarely considered rash. They
apply the same sense of action to
learning and due diligence as they do to
any other activity. Bold leaders want to make sure their actions lead to success,
so they investigate before leading their team to the charge. Want to be a bold leader? Improve your odds of success by doing your homework. You’ll increase
your confidence and your success rate. 5. They accept the value of failure. No
one is totally comfortable with failure,
but bold leaders understand that
greater rewards stem from greater risk.
Still, they know how to mitigate
catastrophic risk and how to protect their team. Bold leaders also know how
to use risk to their advantage. They
harness the energy and adrenaline and
make sure that every failure is a learning opportunity. Want to be a bold leader? Make failure an acceptable part of your
process. Teach the team how to assess
and limit risk, so missteps can happen
without total destruction. Then get
people to learn and reboot. 6. They make the most of small
wins. Many people sit and wait around
for the “right opportunity” before they
are willing to step up and take action.
Sadly, sometimes that right opportunity
never comes. Bold people understand that rarely is any situation perfect from
the beginning. They look to make the
most of any given set of circumstances
that can lead to victory, even a small
one. Cumulatively, consistent little wins
spell success, attracting followers. Want to be a bold leader? Start with a small battle you think you can win, map out a
plan, and take the field. Winning builds confidence as well as your reputation. 7. They build momentum. Bold people
recognize that a single victory is not
enough to sustain leadership. They work
to create a series of actions that help
the team gather confidence, speed, and
power. They have a sense of when to add energy to drive forward and when to let
the momentum itself carry things
forward efficiently. Want to be a bold leader? Craft your plan so that each action takes advantage of the success
from the last. Take advantage of any win
that gains attention, respect, and
popularity. Activate your fans, cultivate
relationships, build buzz. Don’t coast! Like this post? If so, sign up here and never miss out on Kevin’s thoughts and


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