Iggy Azalea Is Back — Hear ‘Azillion’ Right Now.

Friday night at approximately 9:13 p.m. EST, Kanye West dropped a bombshell: SWISH is indeed real and is coming very, very soon — February 11, 2016, to be exact. As the world collectively lost its sh-t over
this news (and over the song-and-a-half
Yeezy dropped earlier in the day when he resurrected G.O.O.D. Fridays), another hip- hop star came through with some news of
her own: Iggy Azalea is back! With a new song! “Azillion,” a De-Capo Music Group and D.R.U.G.S.-produced track, popped up on
Soundcloud on Friday, and Iggy boldly
tweeted it out just after 11 p.m., dedicating
the song “4 MY RATZ.”

Her upcoming album is reportedly titled Digital Distortion, and the Soundcloud page where the song appeared is called the
same. So far, it’s the only song on the page
— but Iggy teased she’d be sharing album
cuts and official singles in the coming
months before the LP gets a proper
release. And when will that be, exactly?

Most likely the first proper single, actually.
But who knows! At least she’s already planning for when things go awry at her live shows, as they sometimes do. I think my new show is gonna have
no stairs and im gonna wear a
harness so if i fall off stage again ill
just fly.


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