Taylor Swift’s 2008 Videos Will Make You Wish She Still Vlogged.

Taylor Swift was a video blogger before YouTube vloggers were even a thing. Back in 2008, Tay created short videos
showing clips from her daily life (with the
help of video editing software iMovie) and
posted them onto her MySpace page for fans to get a little behind-the-scenes look
at her journey. While the videos featured footage of her
boating with Def Leppard, bowling with Selena Gomez, receiving her first Rolling Stone cover, jet skiing with Demi Lovato, and touring with Keith Urban, it also showed the
not-so-glamorous moments like riding
around in golf carts with her mom, being
bored over Thanksgiving break with her best friend Abigail and spending delusional,
early mornings at airports.

Taylor created funny skits, lip synced with
her friends, introduced us to rad tunes from
bands like Parachute, The Academy Is… and Gloriana. She was always stoked about life, which only makes us wonder how awesome
her vlogs would be if she created them
today. Has she been recording herself
during the 1989 era?! We can only hope.


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