50 Cent Reigns As Victor In “I Get Money” Lawsuit.

Queens native won a copyright suit
concerning his chart-topping
melody “I Get Money.” Atlanta-based rapper Tyrone
“Young Caliber” Simmons filed the
suit in 2010, stating that he
originally bought the song’s
instrumental, thus leaving him with
the right to utilize the beat, and not the G-Unit leader. Although a judge initially threw out
the case, Simmons appealed the
ruling. Fast-forward to Friday (Jan.
15), and a New York appellate judge
also decided to dismiss the matter
because Simmons was unsuccessful in filing ahead of the three-year
statue of limitations which has
lapsed. This news follows that of Lastonia
Leviston, Rick Ross’ child’s mother,
who also sued Fifty for reportedly
leaking her sex tape. The judge
ordered Fifty to pay Leviston $7
million in damages, which also shined a light on Fif’s strained
relationship with Rozay. The rappers
have traded words back and forth
on social media, and even in
interviews with publications. Recently during a sit-down with Rolling Stone, Ross said his relationship with Fifty is “amusing
due to the fact that I’m the biggest
L he ever took.” Fifty caught wind
of that statement, and replied,
“When it’s all said and done, I will
have his head.”


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