Meek Mill Drops ‘4/4’ EP and disses Drake again.

listening to the first OVO Sound Radio of 2016, Meek Mill has decided to divert the attention to
him with some new music. Earlier
today, Meek previewed tracks from Dreamchasers 4, which led up to the release of 4/4.

On the four-track EP, Meek also
takes jabs at Drake again on a
freestyle over “I’m the Plug.” He
doesn’t hold anything back, either.
He then throws another subliminal
at the beginning of “Gave Em Hope,” saying, “Let them ni**as
have the Grammys, we got the
streets. We rich already, and my
chick the baddest.”

“Ain’t nobody telling this ain’t what
you want, man / You ain’t really
write it who your stuntman?”

“I don’t believe them guys, y’all
believe them ni**as? / Headbands
and double parts, do y’all see them
ni**as? / We the type to run up on
them tri-leader ni**as / We really
started from the bottom, look like we them ni**as”

“Was that my girl tour or the world
tour? / I do not know what you
pussy ni**as goin’ for / This that
100K a night when you perform
tour / Swimmin’ in that good pussy
while you on tour”


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