Offset From Migos Speaks On Jail Stint And His Return To Music.

In an exclusive interview, Offset opens
up about the months he spent in a
south Georgia jail in 2015, and the
plea deal that got him out.

In early December, Migos rapper Offset walked free from Bulloch County Jail, in Statesboro, Georgia. He had been arrested alongside Migos members Takeoff and Quavo in April, on a charges including marijuana possession, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, carrying a weapon in a school safety zone, and possession of a firearm during commission of a crime, after a show at Georgia Southern University. While Quavo and Takeoff were released on bail shortly thereafter, Offset would remain behind bars for 233 more days. (Offset’s April arrest followed a previous felony conviction. Offset spent another nine months in jail back in 2013, while Migos was rising to fame.) During that time, Migos would release their first proper studio album Young Rich Nation, part ways with their label 300 Entertainment, and begin to plot a new course with the release of a mixtape titled Back to the Bando. Quavo and Takeoff also rode horses on vacation, adopted a new puppy, and got really good at riding hover boards. During a recent phone conversation with The FADER, Offset confessed that it was bittersweet to watch his brothers keep the ball rolling without him, while he waited to once again be able to actively support his family—he has two children —or make music. “When I talk to them, I’d be happy,” he said of his daily conversation with the Migos camp, which sometimes included previews of whatever new music they were working on. “But when I’d get off the phone, I’d have to sit down in the room and think about what they’re probably doing during that time.” Below, Offset speaks on his decision to accept a plea deal, on how being in jail was different this time around, and the 72-hour studio marathon he indulged in upon his release.

Interview bellow:

How are you feeling?

I feel great. You know, I was in a situation that held me back. [Being incarcerated] held me back from getting money, from being present, from being relevant. Now I’m back, and I’m still relevant, so I’m taking it as a big opportunity. It could have been slowed up, but the train kept moving. I’m just happy to be out so I can please my fans and keep coming with the bangers.

What was your first day out like?

I was four hours away, so I had to drive four hours to Atlanta to see my kids and see my family. They was excited to see me and hear my voice and be able to kiss me and we spent time together. Then I went straight to the studio and locked down for like 72 hours without coming out. I was so ready to touch that mic. Then Quavo and Takeoff had went on the road, but I ain’t go to the first couple of shows, I just wanted to stay in the booth. I had to get all that pressure, all that anger, all the thoughts I had in jail [off my chest]. I put it all [on] “1st Day Out,” which I [recorded] that first day I got out. [When I was in jail,] in my head I was like, “Man, my first day out I just want to go to the booth and just come up with something off the top of my head.“ And that’s what I did. It came right out.

How did it feel to be locked up for a second time?

It felt like I was taking a step back because I’m not in the streets no more. I was doing the right thing, helping my family, and supporting my family with the music. And for me to go back to jail, I was in there thinking like, “Damn, what did I do?” And at first I was lost, because I ain’t had no understanding of how you can go from being on the top to right there in that situation so quick. When I got my mind right, I was just like, “Maybe this is God telling me what I need to do.” Or it could be saving me? It could be so many reasons why I had to do what I had to do. But it was a hard time, though. Everything was going on and now you just sitting still.

Were you writing or working on music while you where in there?

Nah, I wasn’t writing, I ain’t gonna lie to ya. I wouldn’t write because we just go in the booth and go off the top. But I was just reckoning with myself, and kept up my focus. I [would] walk around in the day room just rapping.
here’s the song; copy n past or click.


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