The Contents of David Bowie’s Will Have Been Revealed.

Nearly three weeks after his passing, the contents of David Bowie’s will have been made public. According to a report from the New York Times, the document was drafted by the singer at some point in 2004
and divides his estimated $100 million
estate between his wife, Iman Abdulmajid
Jones who along with their shared New
York City apartment also received half of
his net worth, with his son, the director Duncan Jones and his daughter Alexandria
Zahra Jones who received 25% each.
Additionally, he left his personal assistant
Corinne Schwab $2 million and his stock in
the company Opossum Inc along with $1
million to his former nanny Marion Skene. It was also Bowie’s wish that his body be
cremated and his ashes be scattered in the
Indonesian province of Bali following a
Buddhist ceremony. As the Times points
out, the tropical island locale was a favored
vacation spot of his and frequent collaborator Iggy Pop’s throughout the 1980s.


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