Jay Z’s Roc Nation Reportedly Files $2.4 Million Suit Against Rita Ora.

Jay​ Z‘s Roc Nation is reportedly suing Rita Ora for $2.4 million dollars for breaking her recording contract and failing
to deliver promised albums, according to TMZ. In the new suit, Roc Nation claims that that over $2 million were spent
developing and marketing Ora’s still
unreleased sophomore album. The suit also
notes that Ora was contracted to deliver
a total of five albums, but has only released
one. “[Roc Nation] has tirelessly promoted [he] career, investing millions of dollars in
marketing, recording and other costs, which
was instrumental in guiding Ms. Ora to her
current level of success and fame.” The counter suit filed in Manhattan arrives
only weeks after Ora filed her own suit in California demanding to be released from the label. If you remember, Ora’s suit claimed her contract with the company
signed in 2008 violates California Labor
Code §2855 and is no longer viable.
However, all of this could possibly just go
away. According to TMZ, Ora’s attorney, Howard King, maintains Jay Z promised to release Rita from her
contract. It should be noted that Rita Ora is
no longer listed on the Roc Nation site, which all but verifies she has left the label.


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