5 Rappers who turned singers.

1. Skales: Skales decision to switch genres surely paid
off. Starting off at the EME crew as a rapper with
singles like heading for the Grammy, ori mi
,monster,could not get skales the desired
recognition compared to label mate ,WizKid. Following his exit from EME,it enabled his full
transition to singing as he released The massive
hit shake body followed by je kan mo,lole,ijo
ayo and countless collabos seeing a turn for
good in Skales music career.

2. Eldee: Eldee the don was one of the members of the
defunct trybesmen with fellow rappers.kaboom
and freestyle.Soon he went ahead to form trybez
records and dropped rap joints like am leaving,
we made it,i go yarn and many more.
The rapper however gained further prominence
with the release of Songs like Bosi Gbangba, Ota
mi”,One day”, Category “Wash-wash”, among
others and a highly succesaful last album
“Undeniable” which were all commercial and
mostly pop singles.

3. Olamide: Olamide hardly took any singing role in his first
album ,Rapsodi as he employed the services of
the singers and fierced heavily on each track as
a full fledged indigenous rapper. However,going by his next three albums
( YBNL,BGEL and street OT),the rapper has since
showcased his versatility by joining the singer/
rapper camp in the music industry. With Tracks like Eleda mi,badoo love,bobo ,melo
melo as well as even taking the hooks of songs
for other artist,one may be forced to question
the genre of music Olamide belongs to, rap or

4. Ice Prince: Ice prince proved himself as a rapper on tracks
like Nobody test me,oleku,Efimile remix, and
other rap joints. This did not deter iceprince from showcasing his
ability to sing in tracks like
More,juju,Superstar,boss ft tekno as well as
providing hooks for other artist like mode9 ( I
see) and many more establishing him as a
rapper and singer in the Nigerian music industry.

5. Reminisce: Reminisce started his career by recording an
hardcore rap album at id cabasa coded tunes
studio,which was never released. Later he showed his lyrical prowess as an
English rapper on 9ice’s bachelor and ever since
featuring 9ice. ”Oh yee rappers ” have moved on to greater
things ” signalled the rappers cross over to
singing in the hit kako be chicken
track.Tesojue,Sunkere,olomoge,i need a
girl.agidigbo all goes to prove this new found
love of alaga ibile. Like he said in one of his tracks ” punchlines o jawo mo”.


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