Third are many ways of getting instagram followers but the five listed are legit.

1. Human Nature – In real life, if you show someone some love and support, they will more than likely show it back in return. The same goes for Instagram, if you like and follow someone, they will react as we do in real life.

2. Don’t be complacent – Don’t expect that if you just follow a few people, like a few posts or include a couple of hashtags that it will just happen. It takes a lot of time and effort and you need to be methodical in who you like and when you do it.

3. Post quality pics – The better quality, the more likely you are to get more likes and, therefore, followers

4. Timely Posting – Post when you would normally be online as others are most likely on too.

5. Be Positive – There’s too much negativity in the world these days. Make your posts positive and your interactions respectful.


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